Driven by the obsession to fulfill the missing void longed by your feet. Meticulously crafted adhering to their every desire. Euphorically appealing to the masses, causing an active state of immense pleasure.
– Simply Blissful –

Hot Stuff
Don't just show up, Show Off

Keep your feet looking stylish. Make all the heads turn with every step. There is no such thing as a small occasion if you're in attendance. If you got it, flaunt it.

Don Juan
Main Man

He gets stuff done. You need it, he's got it. Impossible is not in his dictionary. Make that first impression a lasting impression. Be an individual and stand out in a group.

Risky Business
Honey badger don't care

Walks under ladders, doesn't knock on wood, and keeps an open umbrella in his room. Always spontaneous and mixes it up. Matching is way overrated.

Inside our Minds

We at Mauzay take pride in what we do. Designs made for every occasion and personality. Unlimited number of inspirations coupled with imaginative minds, results in unparalleled designs. Combination of colorful and snazzy paired with comfortable and cozy, resulting in a simply blissful product.